Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The Not So Bright Agency Reviewers

All of my stock photos, before being posted on an agency website, are reviewed. They can be rejected for any number of reasons.

Recently I submitted this batch of photos to one of the agencies where I submit.

(I am going to allow the agency to remain unidentified throughout this post.)  The agency promptly rejected each of my images for the following reason:

Problematic Location
This photograph appears to have been produced at a location or venue where photographic rights are protected, therefore not permitted for use, including Unreleased. A property release must be obtained and submitted along with the image.


My photos were taken in the Gettysburg National Military Park. It is public land. It is maintained by the National Park Service. It is public property.

Yet, if I want to list these pictures for licensed use on this agency’s site, I have to submit them with a release because it looks like photos may be restricted on this property to the reviewer. The photos were submitted for editorial use only.  Also, on this agency’s site, there are hundreds of other photos available that were taken in the Gettysburg National Military Park.

As typical, the reviewer never asked me. The reviewer simply rejected my photos. It is the easiest way to get through the batch.

And just as typical, there is no way to appeal the reviewer’s decision.

So I did what I typically do in this situation: I submitted the images to other agencies. And I posted them to my website (George Sheldon Stock Photos).

When I get rejected because of a reviewer’s  Not-So-Bright decision, I just move on. I learned some time ago you can’t expect a reviewer in some faraway place to know much about US geography or history. This is also why I do not participate in exclusivity offers with any agency. It clearly shows why I choose to work with various agencies - it is my defense against those Not-So-Bright reviewers.

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