Watermarks on My Images - An Explanation of Why They Are There

When you are looking at my images on my website ( www.georgesheldon.com ) or my blog ( www.georgesheldon.net ), you will see my logo as a watermark.  This is done to prevent theft.  

Over a dozen years ago, an image theft in Italy stole a large number of my images and built his web site around them.  Yes, I suppose I could have sued him, but that would have meant a trip (or two, or three) to Italy.  Ans the big unknown was how long would it have taken to pursue my claim of copyright infringement. 

From that point on, I stopped posting my images with a watermark.  

But you should know that my images, when licensed for use or purchased on a product or print, never have a watermark. The watermark only appears on the images placed online.  

You will find my images offered for licensed use on other sites are also protected with watermarks of the agency offering them for use.

That's how I prevent thievery, especially from that crook in Italy.  


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