Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Beachy Amish

The Beachy Amish are the most liberated of the Amish. In today’s world, they might be the most unusual as they maintain a Web site at Started in 1927 in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, the Beachy Amish derive their name from Bishop Moses M. Beachy. Although he objected at the time for the sake of humility, his name became associated with this New Order branch.

Commonly referred to as Beachys, they are another Anabaptist church that is self-described as a “fellowship.” They are officially known as the Beachy Amish Mennonites.

Today’s Beachy Amish fellowships more closely resemble the conservative Mennonite groups rather than Old Order Amish. They do practice a lifestyle that in some ways is similar to the Old Order Amish. These include:
  • Feet washing as part of the communion service
  • Holy kiss in church services
  • Married men wear close-cropped beards in most congregations
  • Women wear both a head covering and homemade cape dresses
  • Television and radio are not permitted

There are customs that distinguish the Beachy Amish church from the Old Order Amish. These include:
  • Assurance of salvation is encouraged – the Old Order Amish Church does provide such promise.
  • Elimination of the Pennsylvania German dialect as part of the worship service. (Beachys have Men wear readymade (or store bought) clothing
  • Many congregations permit filtered Internet

Special Note:

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