Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Stock Photography Portfolio Updated

My Online Portfolio Has Been Expanded - Finally!

Amish Women Selling Doughnuts in Philadelphia

My Portfolio on this website has finally been updated.  The main Portfolio page is located here. There are 30 images on the main portfolio page.

I still had more to display, so I created a second page. Page 2 of my portfolio is here. I decided to add the second page so as not to slow down the initial portfolio downloading from the server, and to make sure everything runs smoothly. By splitting the portfolio pages into two, I think it will also be beneficial to those that are using Smart Phones to access my Portfolio.

Colonial Girl

I may create several other portfolio pages in the future. The images on the current portfolio are stock images and available for licensed use.

The hardest part about updating the Portfolio is picking the imahes I want to include in the actual gallery. So many to choose - I have 120,000 stock images - but somehow I was able to get down to about 50. I am sure I will add more soon.