Saturday, March 31, 2018

Stock Photography 101 | Trouble with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC Version 7.2

I've been having a persistent problem with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC Version 7.2. It crashes a lot. 

I notice the crashes seem to happen when the program appears "idle" - whether I am working at the computer or not. 

I have submitted dozens of crash reports to Adobe.

And in seeking a fix, I have found from Google searches that I am not the only one to be having the problem. I have tried some suggested "fixes" but nothing resolves this issue.

My fix: I have reverted back to Version 7.1 which can easily be done on the Adobe Creative Cloud application. And Version 7.1 works perfectly and never crashes, and that tells me there is nothing wrong with my computer hardware. 

I am now just waiting for a fix from Adobe or a new version. Until then, I am sticking with Version 7.1 so I can get my work done.

Update to this Post

On Tuesday, April 3, 2018, Adobe updated Lightroom Classic CC to 7.3. I've just downloaded and installed the update. Hopefully, this includes the fix for all the crashes I have been experiencing. 

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