Saturday, March 24, 2018

5 Reasons Why I am Glad I switched from WordPress to Blogger

Stock Images Like This is what George Sheldon creates. Since switching to Blogger from WordPress, George spends less time on his website and has more time to be photographing.

This blog post is not effort to bash WordPress. I really do like Wordpress. I have had a WordPress-powered website for over 10 years. But I made a decision last year to make the switch from WordPress to Blogger. And I haven't regretted my decision.

So this blog entry is only to tell you the 5 Reasons I switched, and hopefully, these rambling thoughts might help you decide which platform is the right one for you.

Blogger is Free

The price is right. Google's Blogger is free. There is no monthly charge to use the Blogger platform. 

Wordpress is also "free" - you don't pay for the core code. But you need a web hosting service. Most people start with an inexpensive host, from a company like GoDaddy, BlueHost, or HostGator. It doesn't take too long to realize that the least expensive plans are not going to be sufficient for most photography-oriented websites, so the monthly fee goes up as you purchase more disk space and computing power. I was up to a Virtual Private Server (VPS), which cost $75 a month, 

Blogger Keeps Me Close to Google

Everyone wants to feel the warmth of a cozy relationship with Google. And since Blogger is a part of the Google family, I don't have to worry about getting noticed by Google. I spent a lot of time trying to optimize my WordPress site so Google would like me. I've gained all that time now that I am on Blogger.

Unlike WordPress, there are no expensive Themes or Plug-Ins to Purchase

WordPress is free, and it does not cost that much to get started. However, you will soon find that you want to do more, The "free" themes are okay to start the site, but you will want more. So you pay for a theme.

And then there are free plugins (plenty of them) but some do cost money. Some are sold by subscription, which means you never really stop paying. 

The costs of Plugins and Themes are now gone since I switched Blogger.

Blogger is Fast to Setup

Blogger really is a fast and easy platform, It doesn't take much time to be operational. It did not take me more than fifteen minutes to have site operational, and that included the redirection of my domain to the Blogger site. Actual time to have blogger working was only a few minutes.  

Yes, I tweaked it, doing things like changing the layout and changing the free themes that Google does provide. But I have spent far less time than I did with my WordPress powered website.    

Blogger is Even Faster to Maintain

I am spending literally no time maintaining my Blogger powered site. As a stock photographer, I need to produce new images - constantly. Running and maintaining a website is not my core mission or business. I want to be creating imagery, not spending time on website maintenance.

Blogger is not for everyone. And WordPress is a great platform. That being said, I just thought I'd explain why I made the switch, and although there are some things I wish Blogger had, I am quite satisfied to be here. I like the lower costs of operation, the time savings, and the improvement I have gained in ranking in Google Searches.