Saturday, November 4, 2017

Protest in Lewisburg

While visiting Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, the Susquehanna river town that is the seat of Union County, I happened to spot some peace protesters quietly exercising their right of free speech on Market Street in the downtown area.

I asked if it was okay if I took their picture, and they readily agreed.  They look colder than the temperature was, but I suppose they were there for a while.

One of the group asked me, "Are you with the FBI?"

I told them no, and then asked if I even looked like I might be with the FBI. He told me in the past, the FBI have photographed them.

I liked the look of this hearty, aging group. I took several shots of them, and I also grabbed some images of some of their signs.

This is just an interesting slice of America, and I was fortunate to create some images of these Americans exercising their right to express their opinions and concerns.

My images of them are being uploaded to several of my online stock photo portfolios and will be available for licensed used.

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