Thursday, September 21, 2017

Still Experimenting with Blogger as My Primary Site

Can the Blogger platform serve as my primary website?

After many years of maintaining my own website - from HTML, CSS, WordPress, and working my way from small hosting companies to the large ones, I am taking a new direction. I am trying to adapt to the Blogger platform - and to allow it to be my primary web presence.

I will probably have more to say about this over the next several weeks - and why I opted to do this - but so far, everything is going well.  Yesterday, I was able to quickly and easily forward my primary domain to my Blooger account.  It only took a few moments, and it was surprisingly easy to do.  Just some work on GoDaddy (My Domain Registrar ) and on the Setup Page of my Blogger account.  After making the addition, it only took a few moments for everything to be working.  So my domain - - is now pointing directly to this site.

Let's hope everything else goes so smoothly,

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