Friday, September 22, 2017

Adding More Traditional Website Features to My Blogger Site

I've been able to add some more traditional Website features here on my Blogger site, allowing me to customize the look and feel. Since my plan is to use this as my main site - - there are certain customizations I wanted to make.  It has been easy to add:

  • My logo - now on the main page in the column.
  • Contact forum - I added to the column using a widget, but I wanted it on its own page. So I copied the code, and placed it on its own page, which I called Contact, 
  • About me page - easy to add, I just need to add more bio information about me.
  • Footer text - another easy to add the feature. I was also able to add a referral link to Shutterstock in that area. 
  • Menu - I wanted to add the feature, and sure enough, there is a widget for that. 

Adding these extras is beginning to make this site feel like a regular hosted website.  I am surprised how easy it has been to implement these little features.

So far, I am happy with the Blogger platform and have not found a reason yet to abandon it as my website.

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